Almost 28% of UK graduates are still not in full time employment three and a half years later, official figures have revealed

The number, based on 49,065 graduate responses, includes about 21 % who were working part-time or studying and 3.5% who gave their response as “other”.

Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union, said it was “worrying” that the number of unemployed graduates has risen. The figures from HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency) are based on a snapshot survey taken on 29 November 2010 of 49,065 students who left university in 2007.

Of the 27.7% who said they were not in full-time work, 8.8% were working part-time or voluntarily, 5.3% were working and studying and 6.5% were just studying. 3.6% gave their response as “other”, leaving 3.5% considered as unemployed. The figures also suggested that a fifth (21.5%) of those questioned did not think that university had prepared them for their career, with 6.4% saying it had not prepared them at all.

About one in 10 (11.1%) did not think their degree course was good value for money.  Ms Hunt said:

“It is worrying that the number of unemployed graduates has risen. The jobs market is now even tougher and new students entering a system with the highest public university fees in the world deserve better prospects.”

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Adapted from BBC news, September 2011 “Increase in unemployed graduates, survey suggests”