Buy “Secrets of Personal Branding Online” now and pay just £39.95

For a limited time only, Secrets of Personal Branding Online is available for purchase for £39.95, just under half of the RRP of £79.95.

The full, five modules, originally designed to complement a three day residential course will guide you through sessions on:

  1. An Introduction to Personal Branding Online
  2. Your current Brand Reality versus your ideal Brand Position
  3. Creating a Consistent Digital Footprint
  4. Making the most of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging
  5. Measuring Success

Recruiters today use social media to find candidates before they ever think about advertising a job.  Many rely on what they can find out about you online before deciding whether to even interview you; and there are countless stories of social media making or breaking a career – often before it’s really begun.

To give yourself the best chance of a successful career in an ever more competitive market, you need to build your online brand.  Secrets of Personal Branding Online is designed to help you do exactly that.