Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to stand out from the crowd?

We are currently in the most competitive jobs market for a generation.  More than a quarter of graduates remain unemployed three years after graduating and the number of jobless young people in Britain is over a million.

On top of that, an additional 300,000 graduates will enter the UK workforce this year to compete for jobs.  If you don’t stand out from the crowd, employers won’t notice you and it could be years before you get the job you want.

Who is “secrets of personal branding online” for?

Whether you are a current university student or in the first few years of your career, Secrets of Personal Branding Online will give you the platform to get noticed and get ahead.

Based on data from more than 10,000 graduates and over a decade of working alongside leading graduate recruitment companies in the UK and the USA, Secrets of Personal Branding Online will give you a complete, practical guide to using social media effectively.

So if you have ever posted a picture to Facebook, been tagged by a friend, tweeted a news story or written something in a chat room, you can be found online by potential employers, investors and dates!  Secrets of Personal Branding Online will show you how to find all of that information and reveal what it says about you, and to whom…

I don’t use social media much – is there anything in here for me?

Absolutely.  Whilst it’s true that some employers have sacked people and turned down candidates because of their activity on social media sites, if you don’t get involved with social media you will be at a direct disadvantage in building your career.  Sites like LinkedIn are now the first, and often only, place some employers go when hiring.

Secrets of Personal Branding Online will show you how to start using LinkedIn, Twitter and a range of other online tools in a manageable way – but in a way that will enhance your career prospects rather than hinder them.

What if I studied at a top university?  Won’t that make me stand out enough?

Maybe, but the total number of real “graduate” jobs in the UK is about 21,000 – and there are nearly 300,000 people currently in their final year.  In fact, Oxford and Cambridge alone will provide enough graduates to take more than 80% of jobs on graduate schemes with the major employers, leaving 250,000+ others to fight it out for the remaining 4,000 places.

What if I have or expect to get a First Class degree?

Congratulations – so do 40,000 other students every year, nearly enough to fill the main graduate jobs twice over.  Knowing how to take advantage of things like a top degree is part of what Secrets of Personal Branding Online will show you – ensuring you make the most of what you have and the hard work you have put in so far.

Expecting a 2.1?  Then there’s another 170,000 grads just like you.  You need to do something to differentiate yourself.

Do employers really look at my information online?

Yes.  As Secrets of Personal Branding Online will reveal, two thirds of UK employers have hired someone after reading positive information about them online.  But more than 40% have also rejected candidates for the same reason.

And it’s not just on Facebook, Secrets of Personal Branding Online will show you how many employers look at your activity on eBay, Amazon and even

Without a doubt, social media can make or break your career.  Secrets of Personal Branding Online reveals how to create the perfect personal brand, using the Internet and Social Media to stand out for all the right reasons.

i already have a job, what benefit will i get from secrets of personal branding online?

Contrary to popular belief, the more experienced you are, the more employers look at your online activity.  Why?  Because there’s usually more (and more relevant) information they can find.  Secrets of Personal Branding Online will show you what they look at, how they make judgements and how you can build a successful brand through using sites like Twitter and LinkedIn better than your competition.

So What does the course cover?

This five part course will help you to:

  • Understand the importance of your personal brand in a competitive market
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition in seconds
  • Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging to land your dream job
  • Make sure employers only see what you want them to see
  • Reach new audiences and create a compelling professional network
  • Create opportunities for yourself, now and for your whole career

How do I use the course?

Secrets of Personal Branding Online is a series of workbooks that includes a wealth of information on brand theory whilst walking you through practical exercises that to help you understand how to improve your own brand and show you step-by-step how to create a compelling online profile.

Can I study at home or do I need to book a course date?

Originally created as a three day residential course, Secrets of Personal Branding Online comes on a CD and each of the five modules includes comprehensive notes, workbooks and practical exercises.

These include:

  • Personal branding check lists
  • Hints & tips
  • Common mistakes
  • Case studies & examples
  • Quotes & advice from leading thinkers
  • Sample content strategy
  • Sample content calendar
  • Practical exercises

How much does Secrets of Personal Branding Online cost?

Face-to-face courses on learning how to use Social Media for branding cost something in the region of £450+ per person per day.  Secrets of Personal Branding Online can be purchased for £79.95 – though it is currently being offered for £39.95 for a limited period only.

How long does the course take?

The modules were designed to accompany a three day residential course – so if you wanted to work through it straight, you could certainly create a compelling Personal Brand Online by the end of Day 3.  It’s probably more realistic to work at your own pace – but the sooner you get started, the sooner employers will start to notice you…

Can i buy Secrets of personal Branding outside of the uk?

Yes: click here if you are in the USA and want to purchase Secrets of Personal Branding Online for $59.95

And click here if you are in Australia and want to purchase Secrets of Personal Branding Online for AUD$59.95

For other EU countries, Secrets of Personal Branding Online is available to download from Amazon for Kindle and iPad.  Or, if you are unsure, get in touch.