Tweet your way to your dream job

Ever thought Twitter could help you bag your dream job? Maybe. Britain-based Laura Walls landed a top public relations job in Brisbane, Australia, after she sent out a 140 character Tweet.

The Tweet which grabbed the attention of Red PR’s managing director, Fleur Madden-Topley, simply said:

“Hi, I’m a UK consumer PR looking to move to Brisbane & think my skills would make me a great fit for Red – DM me if that sounds of interest!”

“It was nothing revolutionary but the novelty factor of using Twitter to send my pitch definitely made me stand out from the crowd and proved I was switched on to what was happening in my industry – I knew she was recruiting,” The Courier Mail quoted Walls, as saying.

The Brisbane PR boss was quite impressed and responded quickly.

“Social media offers a vital global link between people in business and an excellent method for employers to source new talent. If people are interested in your business they will follow what you are doing on Facebook or Twitter,” said Madden-Topley.

“While Twitter can certainly be the downfall of people who trip up with careless comments, it is also a fantastic tool to promote yourself.  Employers are instantly connected with people who are already making moves to be involved in their business.

“It cancels out going through long, laborious CVs before finding someone who may move to the next step. Laura . . . much impressed me with her knowledge, enthusiasm and her flair with this type of clever, succinct communication. She has been an asset to my company, so much so that I am sponsoring her for permanent residency.”

Madden-Topley also said she checks out the social sites of anyone applying for a job.  She explained: “You would be amazed what you pick up on people from their Facebook accounts.  “It is a fly-on-the-wall insight into people’s personalities – something that a two-minute across-the-desk interview doesn’t really do.”

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