Secrets of Personal Branding Online

Your reputation matters…

…at a time where employers can hire or fire you for a single tweet, you need to know how they use social media to review candidates and how you can use it to stand out for all the right reasons.

Recruiters today use social media to find new employees before they ever think about advertising a job. Many rely on what they can find out about you online before deciding whether to even interview you; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube – they look at all of them and more, without you ever knowing.

Secrets of Personal Branding Online reveals:

  • The truth about today’s job market for graduates and young professionals
  • How employers use social media to make decisions about you
  • How much information recruiters can already find online and who’s looking at it
  • Why Facebook is not your “friend”
  • Why mistakes made online can last a lifetime
  • What savvy job hunters are already doing to stand out from the crowd

If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, Secrets of Personal Branding Online is a must. If you’re not, it will show you why you should be and how to start making a name for yourself.

Designed as a practical, five part course, Secrets of Personal Branding Online will guide you through a series of exercises and modules, showing you how to develop and manage an online brand that will help you get a great job.

Without it, you may struggle to have the career you want.

Employers, investors and potential dates are already taking a close look at what you do online – you need to make certain that you are too.